Review #2: Uncanny Avengers #13


With all the craziness in the Marvel universe including Infinity and Battle of the Atom it’s nice to sit down with the Uncanny Avengers and their simple battle against the apocalypse twins, Uriel and Eimin. All they have to do is prevent the rapture of all mutants by a now abducted Scarlet Witch at the hands of dead X-Man Banshee. It’s as easy as a walk in the park with the Four Horseman of Death. OK, not so simple but far less complicated than most of the other Marvel events.

Writer Rick Remender has crafted one of the finer books in the slew of X-Men and Avenger titles, and the Apocalypse twins are quickly becoming one of the better villains to threaten all mutant-kind in some time. The power to kill a Celestial moves them to the head of the villainous class. Scarlet Witch has been manipulated, and once again, becomes the lynch pin, but unlike previous events, she has learned something from her past betrayals which ultimately may be the only way to actual save everyone.

Remender’s battles are not only rich in character but deep in emotion. Havok and Wasp’s relationship drives much of the action in their fight with Captain America against Banshee, and it doesn’t get more emotionally scarring than what Wolverine is enduring at the hands of reborn horseman, Daken. Wolverine is the most vulnerable as he’s ever been, as he faces the son he murdered, and there is a real fear that his recovery is anything but inevitable this time. Daniel Acuna’s art is fantastic as usual! He handles the different realms of existence on Uriel and Eimin’s ship with ease. He also balances the contrast between regal elegance and violent rage in a way that feels organic and natural to such supernatural plot devices.

We find out the true nature of Scarlet Witch’s plan for the rapture, but how Rogue and Sunfire interpret it sets-up a violent confrontation that should once and for all settle the score between Scarlet Witch and Rouge. Remender is crafting these twists and turns into a volatile mixture ready to explode in an instant much to the reader’s delight. Uncanny Avengers is the Marvel title X-Men and Avengers fans will find rises to the top and sets the bar as high as Remender did with his last run on Uncanny X-Force. This book is at the top of my pile each month and rarely fails to entertain. A must read for all X-Men and Avenger fans.

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