Review: Infinity FCBD


Marvel’s next cosmic event, Infinity, officially kicks off with Free Comic Book Day, though it could be argued the seeds have been planted since Jonathan Hickman’s first issue of Avengers.

FCBD Infinity was a short 10-page taste of what we’ll get when the event kicks off in August, with the Mad Titan setting his sites on Earth. This issue introduces two new cosmic characters, characters that are just as dark and gruesome as Thanos himself with Corvus Glaive and the Outrider.

Corvus Glaive is your basic henchmen, doing his master’s bidding and getting others to do his; however, he does appear to be vastly powerful. The other happens to be the Outrider, a sort of six-limbed cosmic hound dog that was genetically bred to be obedient and at the same time a powerful assassin in its own right.

We are witness to an alien planet (think Planet Hulk) that was at one time besieged by Glaive for Thanos, with the Mad Titan’s #1 returning for another tribute. Glaive demands the tribute and reveals what happened to the the planet’s protector when last he visited.

Glaive returns to Thanos with the offering, who is pleased, and then the sends out the Outrider to get one more planet to pay tribute — Earth.

The Outrider is sent to find “that which is hidden” (Infinity Gems?) and infiltrates The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. We see that the Outrider’s powers must be pretty formidable as no one takes notice of him – as he has translucent abilities; no security or even (assuming) no psionic powers detect the being.

FCBD Infinity was a pretty good issue; obviously the alien planet was meant to foreshadow the fate of the Earth. I think the issue, like all the recent Marvel “cosmic” was aimed more at the street-level fans that Marvel has been catering to for the past 10+ years, and only because of Marvel Studios cosmic directions have they recently switched gears.

As a cosmic fan you are left wondering how those street-level characters will be able to deal with a Corvus Claive or an Outrider — or even a Thanos.

Because they can’t.

Luckily, the cover gives us a clue as we see Captain Universe, Thor, Doctor Strange and the Inhumans, who appear to be coming to the aid of the Avengers, as of the characters depicted, are really the only ones capable of dealing with a cosmic threat.

Who knows? Maybe Hickman will bring in a few more. Quasar? Silver Surfer?

Jim Cheung and Mark Morales were on art with definitely no complaints.

Good start.