Return to (Supreme) Powers: Hyperion’s back in town



If you were a fan of the 2006 Squadron Supreme series that ended abruptly and have been wondering just what did happen in that standoff between Mark, Stanley, Kyle and Redstone – well, you won’t be finding out in the all-new four-issue Supreme Powers mini-series slated for June that was just announced at the C2E2 Marvel Next Big Thing Panel.

What readers will return to, is a series set firmly in the world built by writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Gary Frank in their 2003 book which was part of Marvel’s mature readers MAXline – and, need we add, one of the most acclaimed comics of its time.

On this voyage to Earth-31916, writer Kyle Higgins (Batman: Gates of Gotham) and artist Manuel Garcia (Widowmaker) unfold a very realistic world (in keeping with the JMS mythos) that focuses on how and why this version of Hyperion returns home.

“Our story picks up a few years after Mark Milton (Hyperion) attacked the U.S.government — after the explosion over the White House and the murder of the President,” Higgins reveals in an interview with “Mark fled for the stars, but Joe (Ledger, Doctor Spectrum) stayed behind and dealt with the fallout. He’s helped the country, and in a way the world, move on.”

By doing just that, Spectrum ascends to the role Hyperion once held as America’s marquee hero (perhaps strangely reflecting Green Lantern’s ascent in the DC Universe?). And of course, with great power comes great responsibility – of a global nature!

Meanwhile, Earth is “in something of a cold war,” Higgins said. “There are only about two dozen people on the planet with what we’d consider significant powers, and the world leaders have finally started to figure out ways to use them.”

As was the scenario from the beginning here, in a world of existing super-humans there are going to be those in power that would exploit them as military assets. With Doc Spectrum the Big Cheese these days, one wonders what particular plot thread may unravel from his power crystal, a tool of alien origin!

Any other familiar faces surfacing in the mini? Higgins told Newsarama that “there are a couple faces that will pop up — Emil Burbank, Stanley Stewart and General Alexander come to mind. Though at the same time, this is really Mark and Joe’s story, aimed to reestablish both characters. In the new direction of the world, how do they fit in?”

With the saga returning to MAXformat, a lot will be on the line for Hyperion, Spectrum and the world they inhabit. It will be exciting to see in which of many directions this mini goes!

Supreme Powers #1 (of 4) hits stores in June!