Rent and Watch The Dark Knight On Facebook Warner Bros. Video On Demand



The WB has announced a new video-on-demand service through Facebook – and the first movie up is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Users pay for the video with 30 Facebook Credits (equivalent to $3) and can watch the movie full screen, pause – and even use all the regular functions of Facebook.

However, the video is available for only a limited time – but you can watch it for up to 48 hours as many times as you want.

Not too sure how I feel about watching movies on Facebook. Wonder if this means Warner Bros. will not be going the streaming video route, such as Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, as quickly?

I think, pretty soon, they are going to come up with a gadget that will embed a Facebook wi-fi link directly into your skull – so you never have to leave!

Oh, here is the link to watch The Dark Knight on Facebook.


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