Read: Marvel’s Alan Fine Slams Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2



The President Of Marvel Entertainment, Alan Fine, managed to read the script for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and sent off an e-mail regarding this thoughts to Tom Cohen, Marvel Studios VP of Production, and producer on Amazing Spider-Man.

Now due to the Sony leaks, the e-mail dated September 17, 2012, has been made available online.

We see that Fine wasn’t big on the script for Amazing Spider-Man 2 as he describes the movie as “too dark” and “way too depressing.” 

In addition, Fine has issues with the Amazing Spider-Man films being a total reboot as he mentions, “I think it is, potentially, very dangerous to undermine the significant events of the first Spider-Man trilogy.”

Fine then goes on to compare the two franchises offering up a critique and says, “The new trilogy is, in essence, a prequel to the original trilogy. However, many events of this draft attempt to tell a completely different story.”

Fine finishes the e-mail with mention the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is “way too long” and adds, “3 villains? Give me a break.”

You can read the first part of the e-mail here and the second here.

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