Rant: Marvel’s AvX ‘Versus’ Doesn’t Even Feature X-Men


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:307:]]Whenever I think of “X-Men,” I think of Cyclops, Wolverine, Ice Man, Collosus, Jean Grey, Beast, Rogue and characters more of the same.

However, with the first tie-in announced, “Versus,” is Marvel taking an easy way out with this Avengers Vs. X-Men thing?

We get Magneto and Namor from the “X-Men” side for the first two issues.

Update: Apparently there was some confusion in regards to the details of the series. It is actually 6 oversized issues that feature two stories. Issue one sees both Magneto vs Iron Man, and Namor vs. The Thing. Still, my point holds, as arguably both Magneto and Namor are not what I deem “X-Men.”


Magneto is a bad guy and arguably Namor is sometimes, too! And let’s be honest, these guys aren’t even X-Men!

Furthermore, this is going to be taking place right smack tab in the middle of The Avengers movie, do the muties even stand a chance?

I also thought it was announced that there were not going to be any tie-ins, that the “spin-offs” would only be featured in the related Avengers and X-Men titles.

Yeah, that didn’t last long.


And what about Wolverine? He’s an Avenger. He’s an X-Men. He’s a teacher. Whaaat?

I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit wary of this whole AvX thing.

This is coming from the House of Ideas that recently brought us: Fear Itself, Dark Reign, Secret Invasion (lol), and let’s not forget X-Men vs Vampires! In addition, Thor is “dead” –again! Only to come back just in time for The Avengers movie  >>>>end movie plug<<<<<.

CBN’s resident X-pert, Chris “The DOC” Bushley, adds the following:

“Has anyone else noticed that the only X-Men that are fighting the Avengers are from ‘Team Cyclops?’ Yes, Wolverine and Beast are shown, but they are Avengers now. Apparently, Iceman, Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers a.k.a. Phoenix aren’t “bad” enough to warrant a throttling by Captain America!”

So getting back to “Versus,” which Marvel held this big conference call for, they announce that the Avengers are going up against a couple of bad guys! I’m curious to see if any new readers, who are brought in by this, ask, “Where are the X-Men?”