Rags Morales On Superman: “Superman sucks”


picI thought that would get your attention (laughs).

The new artist on Action Comics, Rags Morales, posted his thoughts on the Man Of Steel over at his blog.

Now, before anybody gets into a tizzy over the title of this article, you might want to check out what Morales had to say on Big Blue, first.

He bases the thought that Superman sucks on “what he had become.”

“When I was a kid, Neal Adams was the man on Superman. Despite the stories being as milk toast as I could stomach them, he, like he always does, took what was happening and elevated it. But since then Superman seemed to stay in this redundant vacuum of  ‘boyscout laughing at feeble attempts by Luthor and robots trying to knock the smile off his perfect face’. Bleh. Moreover, he was becoming more and more omnipotent to the point that villains were having to go to increasingly absurd lengths just to give him a reasonable challenge.”

Morales then goes on to share his thoughts on the marriage between Superman and Lois Lane. 

“See, when a character, whose whole existence is to sacrifice a normal life for the sake of humanity, becomes domesticated he loses his teeth.”

So with all this negativity directed toward the Last Kryptonian, why did Morales bother to take on Action Comics #1?

“When I got the script and saw that Grant wanted to harken to the Shuster image of Kal-el, it completely clicked for me. Max Fleisher here I come! And what, he’s not omnipotent? All right! And he’s not married? Get out of my f—ing way and let me draw!!”

These are just some excerpts, head on over to the Bog-O-Throb for more.