PS4 Available At GameStop & Walmart: Forget eBay & CraigsList



If you are trying to hunt down a PS4 for the holidays, you might want to check your local GameStop and Walmart.

In my area, both of those stores have received ample shipments of new PS4s this week. 

I’ve been told Walmart received around 30 of them, and GameStop received their first batch since Black Friday.

I’m also told both Walmart and GameStop get daily (or so) shipments, with Walmart in the AM and GameStop in the afternoon.

For some reason, Target seems to be left out of the loop as I was told they get PS4s shipped via FedEx sparingly – like four or so. A Target employee did tell me that they had enough of XBox One.

Again, this is just in my area (Western NY), so ask around.

There was also an earlier report that stated Best Buy would have enough to go around, but it sounded like they were getting their PS4 shipments almost at the last minute, which is sort of a risk if you definitely want one.

I’ve also been following the eBay and CraigsList prices for the PS4, and I found it’s quite ridiculous. Obviously everyone wants to make sure a PS4 is under the tree, but some scalpers are selling them for obscene amounts – like $1000. Thanksfully, I haven’t seen anyone bid that high. I’ve also noticed that the price on eBay for a PS4 has come down this week, most likely due to Sony making more available at local stores. Last night a PS4 went for $505, which is low compared to the average price of around $570-$600. The PS4 retails for $399.

Some Scrooges on eBay have also been trying to jack up the shipping prices. And then there are those pretending to sell PS4 for charity or because they are needy. However, they sell like five of them with the same text in the post, which is a dead giveaway (and I report everyone one of them).

My advice before going to eBay or Craiglist for a PS4 is to stop at your local stores and ask when they get shipments in. Also, I have found Facebook to be a valuable asset, so much so that friends living in Florida were helping friends living here trying to aquire a system.

PS4 seems to be the hottest gift going this year. 

Now I just gotta hunt down a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset…

Let us know your PS4 local availability in the comments below.

(Thanks to Chris, Lawrence, Brian, Jim and Corey for providing info)