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Producer Donald De Line on Green Lantern (2011) Movie

Producer Donald De Line on Green Lantern (2011) Movie

picYou just saw some of the footage from the WonderCon didn’t ya? You can check it out below if you haven’t. Warner Bros. released nine minutes at the WonderCon and just put up four for those of us that couldn’t make the Con.

After viewing, I have no more worries – as it looks pretty cosmic and pretty awesome!

The Collider spoke with the producer on the Green Lantern movie, Donald De Line, on the released footage.

As the movie is heavy on CGI, they based their choice for the footage off of what they had completed. The movie is still in production and being transferred to 3-D, De Line notes they still have “awesome stuff coming.”

De Line mentioned how they made Parallax and says the artists and CGI-animators worked on it for months and months, with the finished shots just be realized. Three weeks ago they finally saw the first shot of Parallax and they were in awe as it was a real “nail-biter.”

Next, Ryan Reynolds’ costume was mentioned. This has been a touchy subject with fans as it is all CGI in the movie. It is noted the reason being is that it is all energy. De Line says, their concept is that the costume is created out of the green energy of will – just like the ring is powered by the green energy of will. They didn’t want it to be a spandex suit that he hangs in his closet and puts on. The suit is created from the inside out when willed to do so.

There is this really cool sequence when Hal first arrives on Oa – as he is the first human to become a GL – they scan and disect Hal Jordan — and the ring creates the suit for the first time for a human being.

De Line states they haven’t made their final decision on Michael Clarke Duncan voicing Kilowog, but that it is a strong possibility. With Geoffrey Rush voicing Tomar-Re, that should about do it for the big names to be announced.

Besides the “regular” Green Lantern Corps that is known, they featured 25 other members with De Line calling them “key Lantern characters” that you will see elsewhere.

De Line fill us in that about 25-30 of the movie takes places on OA, and that they have an “amazing brilliant production designer,” with Grant Major (LOTR), that had a team of artists that worked on OA.

They “switch gears” and talk about the Green Lantern sneakers by New Balance, of which only 300 are made. The symbol is on the heel, on the tongue is “New Orleans” (where the film was shot) and inside on the sole – the GL oath.

Check out some pics. Click to enlarge:

pic pic pic pic

De Line was beyond impressed with the upcoming GL merchandise, as well. He says the Lantern Battery they used for the movie is an updated version from the comic books, as the movie one is more alien looking.

Regarding 3-D, it was known before the movie began production that they were going to use it. They all agreed that it had to look good in order to do convert it.

De Line finishes stating that he is involved with the sequel script to Green Lantern.

Head on over to The Collider to view the interview which is over 15 minutes – good stuff!

The Green Lantern movie opens in theaters June 17th, 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, Mark Strong as Sinestro and Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur.

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