Preview Trailer: Source Code (2011) and info


*Warning: Spoilers Below*



This sounds like a decent enough sci-fi flick.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Source Code as military man, Coulter Stevens, who slips into alternate time realities to – put right what once went wrong.

(Okay, I loved Quantum Leap – had to throw that in there)

Gyllenhaal, however, actually doesn’t re-write time.

Ben Ripley, who wrote Source Code, clues us in as he states, “What’s done is done and cannot be undone.”

Ripley told Wired that this concept is actually based on real science.

“More and more, modern physics is becoming comfortable with the possibility of parallel universes,” Ripley said in an e-mail interview with “Source Code imagines a practical application for them.”

What is actually going on in this movie, if my understanding is correct, is that Gyllenhaal’s character is investigating the last eight minutes of brain patterns from deceased victims in an attempt to discover the identity of a terrorist.

I assume these “dead memories” (as I coin them) are what Ripley refers to as “parallel worlds.”

To be honest, I don’t see the two being the same.

From Ripley’s statement this seems (at least to me) to be the case:

“Time reassignment’ respects this boundary by creating a parallel world whose past we may visit and freely disturb, since those actions have no causal impact on our own reality,” Ripley said. “Whatever Colter does in the Source Code changes absolutely nothing that has already happened in the primary reality.”

This almost sounds like Inception with partaking in dreams, but instead, “partakes” in dead memories. Perhaps, those memories go on to become a Universe all their own and, hence, “parallel.”

Just watch the movie, I guess!

Source Code directed by Duncan Jones stars Jake Gyllenhaal and hits theaters April 1st.