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Preview: First Look At Rob Liefeld’s “Deadpool: Bad Blood” OGN

Preview: First Look At Rob Liefeld’s “Deadpool: Bad Blood” OGN

At C2E2, Marvel released a first look at the upcoming original graphic novel from Rob Liefeld, Deadpool: Bad Blood, that is due out later this year.

Liefeld, Chris Sims and Chad Bowers shared the following previously with


Marvel contacted me and asked me what if I would be interested in producing their first original Deadpool graphic novel. I was quick to respond, assuring my contact that I loved Marvel and appreciated the shared legacy we have and would be thrilled to pursue the OGN. I had a very specific story in mind, a story I had wanted to tell for nearly 20 years, so I worked up an outline for approval.

When Marvel gave me this opportunity, I specifically asked for help on this story as it was a daunting platform. They kept saying, “This is a prestigious platform, the graphic novel”…yikes! So, I wanted somebody in the foxhole with me and I had a short list of guys, but let me tell you, Chris and Chad were the best possible call on Jordan’s part. It’s a good match. I want to do right by everyone involved with this.

The story is shared through multiple flashbacks that depict different time frames that forged the animosity between Thumper and Deadpool. It’s a blast; there [are] plenty of laughs to accompany all the action and adventure. There are quite a few guest turns as well; Cable and Domino are featured quite a bit in the past and present. I’m enjoying all the various toys I made for Marvel during my New Mutants/X-Force tenure. Hopefully Thumper resonates in the same manner. 

I love drawing everybody from X-Force. Domino, Cable, and Shatterstar are up there but I have to admit love drawing Deadpool in action more than anything else. And I’m not saying that just because he has a gun to my head right this second…

It reveals key backstory elements from Deadpool’s past and the lives he screwed up along the way. We set out to make Deadpool very uncomfortable here and challenge a character that has gotten out of quite a few dangerous situations and doesn’t really perceive anyone or anything as a real “threat.” But Thumper is something altogether different and has an agenda all his own.

And a score to settle. 

Chris Sims:

One of the really great things about getting to do this story is that right from the start, Rob’s initial idea was to do something that would add something to Deadpool’s character that he’s never really had before. With as much as Wade’s exploded in popularity over the past few years, that’s not something you get to do every day.  

Chad Bowers:

What I really love about our story is how much time we cover in Deadpool’s life. So many great creators have added onto Wade over the years, and really built this wonderful history, but there’s still so much of his story we don’t know. And with him being the most popular dude in the Marvel U these days, it’s real easy to forget Wade spent a lot of his life being a not-so-nice-guy, and that kind of checkered past is going to catch-up with you occasionally.

STORY BY: Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims, Chad Bowers

ART BY: Rob Liefeld

COVER BY: Rob Liefeld

(pics via CBR)