Possible Batman: Arkham Knight Spoilers



The Batman: Arkham Knight video game introduces a new villain shrouded in mystery.

The identity of the Arkham Knight is unknown, but spoilers may give us the info.

A user at 4Chan has posted the following details (via zac and chuck’s untitled podcast).

It’s said the Arkham Knight is a clone of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul from the end of Batman: Arkham City.

Apparently, it’s not the first attempt at recreating Batman, as the Arkham Knight has a designation of E-11.

Amanda Waller is responsible as she wants a Batman she can control. 

The Arkham Knight is said to have been created using accelerated growth hormone derived from Titan. It’s further stated that the Arkham Knight is jealous of Robin and Nightwing and keeps tabs on them.


Plot rumors also are added to the mix with mention the game will feature the Suicide Squad made up of a maskless Deathstroke, Deadshot, Lynx and Bane.

It’s said the Suicide Squad is led by the Arkham Knight, and their goal is to replace Bruce with a more militarized version with Amanda Waller in control as she feels Gotham City has gotten out of control. 

The Suicide Squad have plans of their own, but they are each strapped with miniature bombs that Waller can detonate or will explode if the Arkham Knight’s heart stops — so the Suicide Squad has to keep the Arkham Knight alive to stay alive.

The Squad wants Batman to stop the Akrham Knight as they know Batman won’t kill him. They are worried that other villains  (Two-Face, Penguin) would kill the Arkham Knight, which would in turn kill them. However, unbeknownst to the Squad, Waller plans on blowing them all up anyway to cover her tracks and any loose ends. 

Other info includes that Scarecrow is being secretly funded by Amanda Waller through third party sources, which will have the effect of clearing the area of the good citizens of Gotham and minimizing civilian casualties, etc.

Characters mentioned in the game include: Hush, Riddler, Mad Hatter, Two Face, Ra’s Al Ghul, Man Bat, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman and Harley Quinn.

“Batman: Arkham Knight” has a June 2, 2015 release for PS4, PC and XBox One.