Point One Nova and Star-Lord Thoughts



Today’s issue of Point One saw both the Kid Nova, from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness‘ upcoming Nova, and Star-Lord from the Bendis and McNiven’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

As per the previous Point One issue – that was six bucks as well – there really isn’t much to the stories.

All the Bendis story was about is Star-Lord as a youth discovering the Element gun. He’s at his farm house where a couple of Ariguan soldiers are hunting him down. His mom gets killed, he blasts them with a shot gun, finds the element gun and his house gets blown up. McNiven manages to stretch the story out with numerous panels; think a camera with it it’s shutter open.


And Loeb’s Nova, I thought, was absolutely ridiculous. Kid Nova is coming off a high with recently being invited to join the Avengers by Thor. He’s flying around when Diamond sees him, and they begin to fight. Diamondhead gets the best of young Sam and then proceeds – I guess – to touch or take off the helmet. Well, Kid Nova doesn’t like that with an ensuing light blast of some kind. Diamondhead awakes, and can’t see. Kid Nova says the reason is because it’s dark outside, but no, Diamondhead really can’t see, with Kid Nova saying maybe it will be temporary.

“How about a ride?”” asks Diamondhead.

To which Kid Nova responds, “No way! And if you ever try anything again I’ll bring the Avengers down on you!”