Plans For Green Lantern 2 Says Geoff Johns; Avoids Gina Carano Wonder Woman Questions; Justice League Announcement At SDCC



Our DC Entertainment source recently filled us in that Joseph Kosinksi was being eyed for “Green Lantern 2.”

We’ve also been told that Ryan Reynolds is expected back and is contractually obligated to come back as well as a batch of details from the Green Lantern 2 script.

Ryan Reynolds also said he would return as Green Lantern if there was the right director and a good script.

Now, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns says there are plans for Green Lantern following the Justice League movie.

Speaking with the Collider, Geoff Johns is asked a plethora of questions with talk eventually leading to the DC movies.

Johns is asked if there are plans for another Green Lantern movie after Justice League, with his response as follows:

Johns: There are plans.  There are plans.

The Collider then goes on to state with Ryan Reynolds’ involved, though Johns didn’t confirm that directly or deny it.

Collider: In other words, we might see Ryan [Reynolds] in Justice League.

We’ve also been told by our DC Entertainment source that the Flash movie script is complete with Wonder Woman getting written.

Geoff Johns is asked about Wonder Woman ending up on TV or the big screen with his response being:

Johns: Very, very good.

And confirms that Wonder Woman is a priority.

Johns: Absolutely.

When asked about Gina Carano as a potential Wonder Woman, Geoff Johns avoids the question completely.

Recently, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel writer, David Goyer, has stated on two occasions that he wants to take on a Wonder Woman film.

Goyer also said he would do Green Lantern right.

Geoff Johns also let it be known that a big announcement would be coming at this Summer’s San Diego Comic-Con in July, which is most likely the Justice League Movie.

Johns: You’ll know a lot more about DC in July at Comic-Con.  Across the board.

Johns also mentioned Aquaman in the interview quite a lot.

We were told by our source back in December that an Aquaman movie is in development.