Paul Jenkins Might Stay On DC Comics’ Stormwatch


stormwatch #7With news that Paul Jenkins will be replacing the current scribe on Stormwatch, Paul Cornell, for two issues (7&8), what is to become of the title after that?

Speaking with Newsarama, Jenkins stated he may stay on after his two issue run.

“Initially I’m coming to do two issues, and we’ll see what happens after that. We’ll find out how much we like working with each other, and we’ll see if Stormwatch fits me and whether my ideas fit with their editorial vision for the book. And if so, maybe we’ll do more. But at the moment, we’ve got a pretty cool two-issue arc laid out.”

Stormwatch has become a favorite here at the CBN offices as it is a heavy cosmic oriented book.

M.E. Byron Brewer raves about Stormwatch in his monthly reviews.

Hopefully, Paul Cornell will be able to please Byron just as well!