Paul Giamatti wants to be the Rhino in Amazing Spider-Man (2012)



According to the Toronto Sun, Paul Giamatti appeared Tuesday night on Conan (Conan O’Brien) and wants to be the Rhino in the upcoming Marc Webb directed The Amazing Spider-Man.

Apparently, the Rhino is one of Giamatti’s favorites, having been a fan of the character since his childhood.

“The Rhino was fantastic. He was, like, a Russian guy. He was real fast and he hit stuff real hard… He had, like, a rhino suit on, and his face was sticking out of the rhino suit and he had, like, a horn, ” said Giamatti.

The Rhino, real name being Aleksei Sytsevich, belonged to the Russian Mafia and underwent an experimental procedure bonding the “rhino” suit permanently to his skin. Aleksei Sytsevich was chosen because of his stong appearance – and low IQ. The Rhino’ first mission was to kidnap the son of Daily Bugle Publisher J. Jonah Jameson, astronaut John Jameson. The Rampaging Rhino turned on his benefactors and was eventually thwarted by the Amazing Spider-Man.


“I think I would be the best Rhino possible,” stated Giamatti.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters in 3-D and is directed by Marc Webb starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard, Irrfan Khan as Nels Van Adder, Martin Sheen as Ben Parker, Denis Leary as Captain George Stacy, Sally Field as May Parker and C. Thomas Howell as Ray Cooper.

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