Paranormal Activity 5 & The Purge 3 Plot Details Become Known



With The Purge: Anarchy opening in eleven days, CEO and Founder of Blumhouse Production, Jason Blum, shared plot details for Paranormal Activity 5 as well as The Purge 3.

Regarding The Purge 3 (assuming there will be one), Blum offers that he would like the third film to go back to the Purge‘s roots and show the first purge.

If enough people see this, we have a lot of ideas for the third movie. I would like to tell a story about the Revolutionaries. I would like to tell the story about the first purge. Purge 1 was after five years, Purge 2 after six years; so it would be fun to see the first time it happened. There are a lot of places we could go with it, and I hope we get the chance to do it.

Regarding Paranormal Activity 5, Jason Blum offers that all the questions fans have asked will be answered. He also says they aren’t worrying about Paranormal Activity 6, but want to make PA 5 the best movie they can.

You can expect a ton of answers. We had a lot of conversations about the mythology in Paranormal, and one of the things that I was happy… There is kind of this group of us that gets together and develops these movies, and there was a decision that a lot of fans were tired of only getting little snippets of information. So we are going to answer almost every possible question that one can have about the mythology in Paranormal Activity. And during that time we were developing someone said,”Well, what are we going to do for Paranormal 6?” And happily I got the room to agree that we would worry about that later. I wanted to apply the philosophy of the first movie that we did to the fifth, which was make a great movie that answers everything that’s really good, and go from there. That’s what to expect.