Paramount Wants Transformers: Age Of Extinction To Win Oscar



It’s that time of the year when movie studios recommend what they feel are their Oscar contenders to the Academy.

Well, Paramount seems to feel strongly about Transformers: Age Of Extinction, which made over a billion dollars at the box office.

Actually, Paramount feels so strongly about the movie that they have recommended Transformers: Age Of Extinction to be nominated in just about every Oscar category —  including Best Picture Of The Year and Best Director for Michael Bay.

I know the movie has been taking flak online, but as I have only recently seen the movie, I really liked it and felt it might have been the best Transformers movie to date (at least the second best following the first). Of course, I knew going in that the Dinobots weren’t prominently featured, so my expectations regarding that really weren’t high.

While I felt the movie wasn’t perfect – too long and some of the supporting cast weren’t up to par – I liked the story, action and felt Mark Wahlberg did a good job and fit right in within the Transformers universe.