Palpatine Actor Ian McDiarmid Would Be Up For A Star Wars Emperor Spin-Off Movie


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6411:]]Now this would probably make a pretty great Star Wars spin-off movie with the back story on the Emperor.

I don’t believe we actually know how or when Palpatine chose to go over to the Dark Side of The Force (as the books are not canon), but given the opportunity, Ian McDiarmid, who played the Emperor in the Star Wars movies, said he would be all up for it.

“Yes, I’m sort of interested in any future development he might have,” McDiarmid told SciFi Now. “They’ve got lots of exciting ideas for spin-offs about separate characters and so on, and then there is the television series which George has talked about and decided to make into being for a number of years, and that takes place between Episodes III and IV when the Emperor is very much alive. So I think he probably does have a future.”

Ian McDiarmid even goes into a possibility surrounding the Emperor, and much like we saw with Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader, could be as much a conflicted man as that, similar to a Shakespearean character, and even Star Wars creator George Lucas may think so.

“As I said to you earlier, I didn’t imagine that that would be true of Palpatine. I thought Sith were just somehow born evil, that’s what they were,” McDiarmid said. “But I’ve… with reference to a few things that George has said, I realized that that’s not true. He might well have a tragic arc too, but I don’t know. And even if he does I’m not sure we’ll ever see it. But obviously, if we did and if it happened it would be something that would be completely fascinating to do and it would be like building a Shakespearean character.”

Regarding a possible appearance for the Palpatine in Star Wars Episode VII, Ian McDiarmid doesn’t seem to think the Emperor has a cosmic chance in hell.

“Unfortunately, as you probably know, he died at the end of Episode VI, Vader sent him to cosmic hell so he’s not going to feature in any of the new Disney ones, I don’t think..” McDiarmid offered.

Actually, a disciple of Palpatine is currently rumored for Star Wars Episode VII.


Star Wars Episode VII has a 2015 release date directed by J.J. Abrams.

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