OEL Romance Manga Schedule for Publication Next Month


Press Release

First graphic-sized issue of Heavenly Bride scheduled for release in paperback.



The OEL e-manga, Heavenly Bride, will be releasing its first ever full-sized issue next month. This release represents an important milestone in the manga’s progress, as so few online manga survive long enough to make it this far.

Heavenly Bride is a redikomi, or josei – a small but growing genre in the manga universe. Geared for the romantic and mature, it takes a more realistic and occasional, rare erotic approach to storytelling.

The book will contain the first four chapters of the story as well as customary notes from the author. Mrs. Joyner expects this will be more than an exciting beginning for Heavenly Bride in print and says this will allow Heavenly Bride to reach out to a broader audience.

Digital copies of Heavenly Bride can currently be obtained through DrivethruComics.com, on Kindle and for Nook color.  The manga issue is scheduled to be released at Drivethru around the first of April.

About the author: Katrina Joyner is an independent author and comic maker that is also part of an all-female comic team known as the Writers of the Apocalypse.  Other projects she has worked on are Akashik, Trait of Honor, and Kaeli and Rebecca for Dandelion Studios. 

For more information about her and Heavenly Bride, visit www.apocalypsewriters.com.