NYCC 2012: New Superman, Justice League Flashpoint and LEGO Batman Animated Movies Announced



Warner Bros. will continue on with its popular straight to video animated movie releases in 2013 and beyond.

Batman, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 is already slated for a 2013 release, but at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con, Warner Bros. announced three more.

The Summer of 2013 will see the new Superman animated movie, Superman: Unbound, based on the Action Comics “Superman: Braniac” story from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Following that, Justice League: Flashpoint will be released in the Fall of 2013, which is based on the Flashpoint comic book mini-series that preceded the reboot of the DC Comics New 52 Universe.

World’s Finest also notes a new animated Batman movie will be released the Spring of 2013, Lego Batman: DC Heroes Unite, which is based on the popular LEGO Batman video games.

Executive producer Bruce Timm also noted that upcoming movies will see comic book scribe Gran Morrison’s influence as well.