NY Film Critic Declares Man Of Steel Better Than Gravity



Sometimes controversial film critic, Armond White, who was recently a part of the Steve McQueen fiasco at the New York Film Critics awards ceremony has released his annual “Better Than” list.

Among some of the more relevant listings is that he has Man of Steel better than Gravity.

Zack Snyder’s powerful visionary re-imagining of the spiritual potential in comix trounces Alfonso Cuaron’s second-rate Kubrick-DePalma rip-off.

Regarding what went down at the NY Film Critics ceremony, apparently White was thought to have cursed out and heckled Steve McQueen. 

White also writes about “false politics of film” and “not-so-hidden-agendas.”

Maybe this explains why no Man of Steel at the People’s Choice Awards and why the movie was snubbed from the Visual Effects category for the Oscars?