Now Robert Downey Jr. Says No Iron Man 4 On David Letterman



Yesterday saw Robert Downey Jr. tape an episode of The Ellen Show where the actor confirmed Iron Man 4 (which is to debut Thursday).

“Okay. Yes,” Robert Downey Jr. replied when Ellen suggested he was doing Iron Man 4 as well as stating they are in the “middle of negotiations.”

Now assuming we have our taped dates in line, Robert Downey Jr. apparently backtracks and tells David Letterman no to Iron Man 4.

“There is no plan for an Iron Man 4,” said Downey Jr.

“There is no script for an Iron Man 4, but I think they do have a plan, and they are going to announce it. They are very secretive about it,” Downey continued.

Dave then questioned how he is going to tell his son the news?

“There will be other stuff. He’ll be fine,” Downey Jr. offered.

Dave continued to grill Robert Downey Jr. about Iron Man 4.

“Just between us. No,” Downey replied. “But I am going to do other stuff with Marvel. I am still going to be involved with Marvel. There is going to be plenty of fun stuff to happen.”

Now is it possible that since The Ellen Show technically airs following Letterman that Robert Downey Jr. gave Ellen the exclusive?

Or similar to Robert Downey Jr.’s other recent remarks surrounding Iron Man 4, it’s all in fun?

Maybe we’ll find out this weekend at the New York Comic-Con.

Watch the Letterman appearance here:

Robert Downey Jr. can next be seen as Tony Stark and Iron Man in The Avengers: Age of Ultron May 1, 2015.