Now Robert Downey Jr. Might Not Come Back For Iron Man 4; In Talks For The Avengers 2 & 3



It’s rather interesting to see how all of this comes out as – at the same time – the big Hollywood trade sites are releasing stories on the frugality of Marvel Studios and the possible return or departure of superstar actor Robert Downey Jr.

Of course, it’s all about money.

We just reported on the fact that some of The Avengers cast were unhappy with their dealings with Marvel Studios with it seeming like the Assemblers might be facing their greatest nemesis yet with Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter, who reportedly doesn’t want to pay the big bucks.

It was actually implied that the actors should be happy with the low pay as the roles will lead to higher paying gigs elsewhere.

Now on top of that comes word from THR that Robert Downey Jr. is in talks for The Avengers 2 as well as The Avengers 3, but doesn’t look to be coming back for Iron Man 4.

THR breaks down the numbers of the benefit of using Robert Downey Jr. and giving him all the incentives that led to his $50 million pay day for The Avengers, and so far, $36 million for Iron Man 3, which Downey Jr. notes bothers the heck out of Marvel.

“Isn’t that crazy? They are so pissed,” he said of Marvel, to GQ Magazine. “I’m what’s known as a strategic cost.”

The other Marvel Studios movies that didn’t feature Robert Downey Jr., made upwards of 70 percent less.

So Marvel Studios may have no choice but to meet Robert Downey Jr.’s demands – which may include taking care of his fellow actors, as it was previously said that RDJ wasn’t going to work for a studio that treats them badly.

It’s noted, however, that other franchises have survived, with Batman and James Bond mentioned.

Regarding Iron Man 4, sources told THR:

“Iron Man 4 has not been part of the discussions, and it’s unclear whether Downey, 48, wants to return for another stand-alone sequel.”

RDJ did say “with a wink” that they are renegotiating.

“I don’t know,” he said told the The Daily Show recently, adding with a wink, “I had a long contract with them, and now we’re gonna renegotiate.”