Now Kevin Feige Confirms Doctor Strange In Development



Thor 2 director Alan Taylor recently let it be known Doctor Strange was in the works, and now Marvel Studios president and producer confirms that the Sorcerer Supreme is in development.

Speaking with Movie Web, Feige is asked what’s next for Marvel Studios with the interviewer mentioning Hulk, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange.

With that, Kevin Feige confirms Doctor Strange.

Well, Doctor Strange is definitely on there…We are developing it now and some of those other titles. I’d love to see an equal number of new story lines with existing characters, and brand new ones. Obviously we have Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming out… and then we have Guardians of the Galaxy, which is a whole new one.

Feige also recently said the supernatural side of Marvel is in development – now we know it’s Doctor Strange!

So who should play Doctor Strange? Names already mentioned include Viggo Mortensen and Patrick Demsey.

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