Now The Internet Explodes Over New Lobo



It’s been an interesting last few days for DC to say the least with news of Ben Affleck as Batman.

The internet virtually exploded in response to that, and now on the comic book side of things the reintroduction of the New 52 Lobo has caused quite the commotion.

If I’m following the drama correctly, following last Friday’s news that the Lobo we’ve all come to know in the New 45 wasn’t “the” Main Man, with the “real” version actually first showing up in the upcoming Villains Month issue Justice League #23.2 from writer Marguerite Bennett and Ben Oliver, in addition to the reveal of the Kenneth Rocafort art, people are flipping out once again.

It’s gone so far as Marguerite Bennett taking to her Twitter and Tumblr to address the situation.

Apparently the gist of the problem is the fan response to Rocafort’s art, which are just character designs.

Bennett says they are just that, and Ben Oliver’s finished product is much different.

“Not a spoiler, as pages from our issue have been released, but our Lobo, with his new costume and abilities (a la Rocafort), is a lot bigger and uglier (a la Kuder). It’s the best of both worlds,” Bennett tweeted.

Bennett continues with mention that she is fully supporting the book as well as the new direction.

“I’m not distancing myself! Our story is freaking awesome,” she continued.

And if fans don’t like the first four pages, simply don’t buy it.

“If you don’t like what I’ve written by Page 4, you never have to read a book of mine again,” she tweeted.

So what will the new Lobo really look like? Bennett does offer a clue.

“The image circulating is a concept illustration. Our Lobo is much bigger, meaner, and nastier,” she said. “I’m not sure he’s sexy in the book–more bounty hunter, like biker.”

Perhaps DC took our advice?

“Justice League #23.2: Lobo” hits September 11, 2013.

Kenneth Rocafort Lobo character designs: