Sorry, Bendis: Star-Lord Is Not Spider-Man & Luke Skywalker


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6877:]]I really think the Marvel Comics side is really confused about their cosmic stuff.

Quite obvious as they did ditch the previous line.

I’m not sure even why Total Film Magazine is asking Bendis why the Guardians of the Galaxy movie would be appealing.

Sure, he says he worked on the movie and that’s when he fell in love with the characters and why Marvel asked him to take on the book.

But the guy – like the artist who ditched Star-Lord’s helmet and changed the costumes – doesn’t have a clue in the world.

There must be some sort of pr campaign going on over at Marvel Comics regarding their cosmic stuff, as they all must have been prepped what to say — because we’ve heard this line before.

Except it was for the new NINO Nova, which doesn’t look to be doing that good as sales are the same as the previous run, and the heavy-weights brought on board to “sell” the series are already gone, replaced by a creative team that definitely won’t be able to carry the series.

Marvel Comics EIC Axel Alonso previously stated that fans would love the new Sam Alexander Nova – even the Richard Rider fans (lol) –  and compared the new Nova to Luke Skywalker and Spider-Man.

Well, now Bendis says the same thing about Star-Lord to Total Film Magazine.

He’s like Peter Parker and Luke Skywalker. He’s an everyman with a very specific destiny in front of him. A lot of people don’t know his origin story or what his deal is – literally his origin is stuffed in the back of a ‘70s comic. Once you find it, you go ‘well that’s about as good an origin story as anybody,’ that’s up there with Superman and Spider-Man. He gets himself into outer space and tries to figure out who he really is, tales off to do what he thinks is right for the Galaxy and meets up with all these other interesting characters.

Star-Lord like Luke Skywalker and Spider-Man?

I think Bendis has his Star Wars mixed up as it’s well known that Star-Lord is more like a Han Solo.

This must be Bendis‘ “Han shot first,” as Star-Lord is more like that version of Han Solo in that he would do just about anything to achieve the means he thinks is correct i.e. having Mantis manipulate the minds of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy to form in order to face a bigger threat regardless what the consequences are for himself with his “friends.”

Not Luke frickin‘ Skywalker.

And definitely not Peter Parker.


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