No Plans For Marvel Studios, Fox, Sony Comic Book Movie Crossover Says Joss Whedon



With the slate of popular Marvel characters currently spread across three film studios, fans can’t help but wonder if the Avengers, Spider-Man and the X-Men will ever be together on the big screen in one gigantic crossover comic book movie.

Well, it isn’t going to happen anytime soon, says Joss Whedon.

While Whedon, in an interview with Total Film Magazine, says it would be cool, the billion dollar director behind The Avengers argues it would just be too much.

“That’s not the plan,” Whedon replied when asked if there were plans for a multi-studio superhero movie. “It would be cool, but I think right now I already have a ton of very talented actors in my movie playing a ton of characters, and I’m about to add a few more. So I’m not like, ‘How can we get more licensed characters because I want to kill myself and make a nine-hour movie.’”

While fans will not get to see all their favorites assemble together, what they are getting is each studio offering their own version of The Avengers.

Currently, Bryan Singer is filming X-Men: Days Of Future Past for Fox Studios which brings the cast of the first X-Men movie, including Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry and Ian McKellan, together with the most recent, featuring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence.

The Sony side of things sees Marc Webb looking to build to possibly something big as well with Amazing Spider-Man 3 and/or 4 possibly featuring the Sinister Six as well as whatever heroes Spidey can muster on his side, thought to include Black Cat.

Marvel Studios will also be forming the Earth’s Mightiest once again to take on Ultron in The Avengers 2, with Robert Downey Jr. already confirmed for part 3.