No Original Members To Appear In Star Trek Sequel (2013)



The 2009 J.J. Abrams Star Trek saw Leonard Nimoy appear as the original cast member Spock to the delight of Trekkies everywhere; however, this time up it seems none of the original cast will be part of the movie.

Sources close to the as-of-yet unnamed Star Trek sequel confirmed to ShowBiz411 that none of the originals have been invited back this time. 

Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty, did give a rather interesting remark, “That would involve time travel. And if the real Scotty showed up, that would be something.”

Suppose there is always hope for some kind of cameo as time travel is not an unknown in the STU! Though we did see Scotty time travel to meet up with the crew of the ST:NG Enterprise.

The Star Trek sequel is due in theaters May 17th, 2013 in 3D.