NINO Sales Down With AXIS; DnA Nova Still Selling Better



More bad news for Marvel’s marketing department as the sales for November reveal issues of NINO to have actually gone down even though they were tied into the AXIS event.

NINO#23 is listed at 21,706.

NINO#24 at 21, 575.

October’s NINO #22 had 22,485 in sales.

NINO is out of the top 100 (again).

Comparing NINO to the 2007 Nova by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (which received none of the promotion that NINO has been getting) says a lot.

DnA’s Nova #23 actually saw an INCREASE in sales coming in at 26,409 from the previous issue’s 25,060.

Likewise, DnA’s Nova #24 saw 26,238 in sales.

Tom Brevoort has again been trying to spin things in favor of NINO on his Tumblr page. Brevoort made another snarky remark insinuating that Richard Rider Nova was canceled because of sales. Brevoort also likes to make it sound as if the sales numbers and rankings released by Diamond and sites online are incorrect. While true, the numbers may not be exact, they probably do give an overall general indication of sales. We know that former editor on DnA’s Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, Bill Rosemann, said the sales on the cosmic titles were rock solid. We also known whenever Marvel cancels a title, it’s around a certain number, which NINO is near (around 20K seems to be the cancellation threshold). Joe Quesada also stated sales on DnA’s titles were not the main factor in cancelling them (it was the Guardians of the Galaxy movie).

(numbers via ComiChron)