New Star Wars Episode VII Characters Plot & Character Rumors Surface


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:8651:]]Looks like the rumors mills are beginning to churn for Star Wars: Episode VII as a new batch of rumors has just hit the net.

The rumors involve the twins of Han Solo and Princess Leia, that reportedly come from a leaked casting breakdown (via Schmoes Know).

Storyline: Two 17 year old twins, a girl and a boy, are trained by their uncle Luke to be the greatest Jedi’s in the galaxy. Problems arise when the male twin turns to the dark side

Jaina Solo – Female, 17 years old, lead. – Jacen’s twin sister, one of the greatest Jedi’s in the galaxy, trained by her uncle Luke Skywalker

Jacen Solo – Male, 17 years old, lead – Jaina’s twin brother, one of the greatest Jedi’s in the world. A loner who is constantly struggling with the idea of what’s right and what’s wrong. Starts to turn to the dark side. Full of conviction that what he is doing is the “right thing”. Will eventually become Darth Caedus.

It’s highly possible the info is incorrect as Star Wars enthusiasts should recognize the names of Jaina and Jacen Solo being already established characters, and we know from previous statements by George Lucas that only the movies are considered canon.

Of course, things could change as Disney is now in control.

Interestingly enough, Cosmic Book News received a batch of casting rumors, but we decided to pass on it this time as previous information we have been given didn’t pan out. Maybe it’s the same guy.

Star Wars Episode VII has a 2015 release date directed by J.J. Abrams.

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