New Spider-Man 2011 Video Game Coming From Activision and more



Comic Alliance notes that a new Spider-Man video game for 2011 has been made official.

From the creator of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Activision and developer Beenox announced a new Spidey game via their fourth quartely statements for 2010.

And that’s about all we know at this time.

It’s a safe bet this isn’t the adaption for the new Spider-Man movie, starring Andrew Garfield, which hits in 2012.

As CA notes this could either be a sequel to Shattered Dimensions, or perhaps, something along the lines of another Ultimate Spider-Man as the animated show debuts sometime this fall.

Updated 8:46pm Eastern: In addition to the Spider-Man game, Activision has plans for games based on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon and X-Men: First Class movies. Also, a ‘”new gaming universe” that will launch in the “back half of this year,”‘  via G4TV. Looks for the full announcement at the upcoming Toy Fair 2011.