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New Man of Steel Viral Site Releases Batman & Lex Luthor Easter Egg Stills & History Of Superman Infographic

Warner Bros. has launched a cool new interactive Superman site just in time for the Man of Steel Blu-Ray.

Superman fans can head on over to to go through an interactive timeline of Superman starting from 1938 all the way to the Man of Steel where they have included two new image stills from the movie of a LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises Easter Egg.

The caption on the Wayne Enterprises image reads: “Superman Meets The Batman: A Wayne Industries satellite hints at future storylines.”

Likewise, the LexCorp caption and title reads: “Lex Luthor: The LexCorp truck that drops Clark off reads ‘Better Farming Through Science.'”

An embedded version of the site can be found below.

Man of Steel Blu-Ray gets released on November 12th and can be ordered through Amazon at a discount which includes special and limited editions.