New God Of War Video Game In Development



It’s learned Sony is developing a new God of War video game.

The director of the God Of War II video game appeared at a Playstation Experience panel in Las Vegas where he let the news be known.

Cory Barlog confirmed, “Yes we are making another God of War.”

Apparently the quote was tweeted by Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, but the tweet was deleted. Those in attendance managed to confirm what Barlog stated.

IGN was present and reports, Barlog, while answering audience questions, did definitely state the new God of War game is not a prequel and wouldn’t confirm that it would feature Kratos. Barlog also said further news of the game hoped to be shared in the next year or two.

There is speculation the new God of War game could be a total reboot or possibly a new character set in the same universe of Kratos.

The Santa Monica Studio twitter did manage to leave the following tweet, seemingly confirming a new game.