New Fantastic Four Movie Won’t Be Grim And Gritty; Respecting Lee & Kirby FF



Some argue that Christopher Nolan killed all the super heroes as Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy saw a dark and gritty Batman become insanely popular with not only movie goers, but movie studios as well.

The Man of Steel appears to be going into that direction, perhaps not as dark and gritty, but a more “realistic” nature not seen in previous Superman films.

Of course there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, but the bandwagon seems to be moving with a lot hopping onboard.

For instance, the Amazing Spider-Man was a darker and grittier version, much darker compared to the previous Spider-Man films, and the sequel appears to be going in the same direction.

The comic books also seem to be following that route as DC Comics rebooted their universe last year revealing a much darker take on various super heroes. Marvel Comics has followed suit as well with their own not-a-reboot-relaunch which sees a darker Spider-Man, known as “Superior Spider-Man,” in addition to darker versions of their popular Avengers and X-Men titles. The latest had Captain America: The First Avenger villain, the Red Skull, holding Professor X’s brain, apparently to be used as a weapon against mutants.

While we could argue darker is better to the cows come home, at least the new Fantastic Four movie seems to be not so grim.

Josh Trank, of the hit found-footage movie, Chronicle, is helming the new Fantastic Four reboot. You could probably bet good money that it’s going to be a bit more “serious” than its predecessors, but from what Fox Studios’ new creative consultant, Mark Millar, recently told SFX Magazine — it won’t be that dark.

“You can tell from Chronicle that it was a new way of looking at superheroes, and I think he’s going to apply that same slightly skewed way of looking at heroes to the Fantastic Four, but do it in a way that feels incredibly reverential to the Kirby and Lee stuff,” Millar said to SFX Magazine about Fantastic Four director Josh Trank.

“I don’t think you could do Fantastic Four and try and make it grim and gritty,” Millar added while discussing the direction of the movie.