The New Doctor Who Eternity Clock Video Game Is Terrible (PS3)


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1777:]]Boy was I excited to play the new Doctor Who video game, Eternity Clock, for the PS3.

However, within about five minutes of playing I found all I wanted to do was hit the snooze button!

The game is a disaster.

It’s a 2D side scrolling game that sees the player play as the Doctor and River Song. In all fairness I only played about 15 minutes, but had to turn it off after seeing how frustrating and basically dumb the game was. So maybe you can play as other characters, but I wasn’t about to waste anymore time try to sneak past guards or wait for alarms to go off — when all you had to do was walk around them. Ditto for walkways – as this is 2D – the player can’t simply follow the walkway and walk “around,” you have to jump up on a pipe and climb like a monkey. And you have to jump and crawl and do more climbing in all these other places. Has the Doctor – Matt Smith – ever been a physical actor?

And then there is a part where you have to move a crate of gold and crash it through the floor. You need to use the lifts and such — instead of just pushing the crate through a couple doorways.

Don’t ask me about the Mind Puzzle, no idea what was going on there as the image – which I think was a building – was all the same color. I just moved everything a few times and it “magically” unlocked.

As the game is 2D it felt more like an Atari game. Really, to call it a Nintendo game would have been an insult to that classic system.

One good thing is the music, which is the same from the series. However, no way does that justify paying 20 bucks. If anything, 99 cents on the App store or a free web game is more like it.

Buy The Walking Dead Video game instead. Now that game is cool!