New DC 52: Second Batch Of 13 Reviewed


DC has graced us with thirteen new titles this week.

Check out below what CBN thought of them. For last week's batch, head on over here.

My top two: Superboy, Batwoman

Sleeper Hit: Grifter, Resurrection Man

Worth a definite #2 purchase: Deathstroke, Suicide Squad

Most surprising: Mister Terrific

Habit buys: Green Lantern, Red Lanterns

Worst of the bunch: Demon Knights


REVIEWS (click title for full review):

It is a solid issue, and a great starting point for newbies. I'll definitely be sticking with the series.
With gorgeous art from Ed Benes, and a very accessible first issue from Peter Milligan, the Red Lanterns rage now runs through the new DCU in Red Lanterns #1!
Lobdell manages to weave the beginning of multiple storylines into quite the fantastic read; I'm onboard for the long haul.
The book was a heck of a lot of fun featuring the veteran monster commando Frankenstein and his newly formed monster squad based on Hollywood's horror classics!
Whether you are a Grifter fan or not, this is the perfect time to become one! It is a unique and enthralling tale that will leave you asking,"What's next?"
Take a look inside some of the darker corners of the DCnU. If you like your spy stories with a bit of an edge — this is for you! Great book!
This is the best book DnA have put out in awhile, and it is well worth your time and money to see how outstanding of a tale it truly is!
There is a lot of potential for this character as a villain or anti-hero, but either way, he’s got to be more than a hired gun.
This could simply be not my cup of tea, as I was hoping for something more, and it didn't live up to my expectations.
Batman and Robin #1 came off as average, not hooking me in, but at the same time not totally turning me off.
The first issue of Batwoman is wrought with intrigue, density and a healthy dose of confusion.
A new cosmic book has been added to my stable with DC's new Mister Terrific #1!
With Legion Lost #1, the book didn't exactly "wow" me, but nonetheless, I can state it did interest me to warrant another issue or two.