The New Avengers TV Series Coming To ABC?



Really, it’s a no brainer that Disney and Marvel Studios would want to capitalize all they can on The Avengers movie.

It’s already up to $1.6 billion and change worldwide.

And not we are hearing word (via Deadline), that plans are underway for a new ABC television series set in The Avengers movie universe.

Now, this is quite contrary to earlier reports, but nonetheless is interesting because recently Guillermo Del Toro stated the Hulk TV script is getting a re-write.

Of course that doesn’t mean the new Hulk series will be associated with The Avengers movie, because from all previous accounts it will not.

But really who is to say. No brainer, right?

Anyway, according to Deadline, Marvel Television (led by Jeph Loeb) is in talks with ABC to do a TV drama series set in “The Avengers world.”

Deadline states the idea is really just budding, but Marvel and ABC want to do a series based in the Joss Whedon world of The Avengers, but one that may not feature any of the Assemblers from the movie.

Actually a “high-concept cop show” is stated.

Not sure what that’s about, but I’m thinking something more along the line of the Marvel Comics comic book New Avengers. Something more “street-level.”

Sound good?