New Avengers #9 Review (Infinity)


Fantastic issue!

For once we are given a tie-in to Infinity that actually progresses the story and is not drawn out between at least two issues or has nothing to do with the event!

Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato are a stellar team that comes through for any Marvel fan!

The issue sees Thanos‘ lieutenants make their way to Earth in search of the last Infinity Gem. As seen in Infinity #1, the Outrider has robbed the memories from Black Bolt giving Thanos the identities of the Illuminati. As the Black Order make their way to Earth to confront the Earth’s mightiest, heroes are gutted, heroes are victorious, and heroes are no more! Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Namor, and Beast are all targets of the Mad Titan’s cosmic henchmen.

Finally, Earth gets a taste of what it’s been like to live amongst the stars as the great beyond holds threats beyond their wildest imagination, and now those threats reach Earth! As the heroes have bickered amongst themselves for the past 10 years, Marvel Cosmic saw epic battles with the fate of the universe at stake! It’s just a shame that Marvel chose to cancel all the previous Marvel Cosmic-goodness and not include Abnett and Lanning’s Cosmic as part of Infinity. Shame on you, Marvel!

I did have one small problem with this issue and it was the last page; I had no idea what it was supposed to depict. Was it an Infinity Gem, as the issue seemed to be building toward it? Was it a repulsor blast? Did Black Bolt borrow Iron Man tech? No! In order to find out you had to use the Marvel AR App which revealed an utterly ridiculous video with some guy dressed as Black Bolt. Seriously?! What Black Bolt is actually holding is a beacon that can call the other New Avengers. I don’t think we needed a dumb Marvel AR App video for that, Tom!

Ranting aside, the issue was pretty great. You can’t beat Deodato’s photo-realistic art. The page with Doctor Strange getting probed felt like I was experiencing it as well! The Wolverine battle was just as impressive! And who would have thought Black Panther?! (though he could have used some more scrapes, cuts, bruises etc.)

If you are reading the main Infinity event and enjoying it, you will love this issue. If anything, stick with Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers as the must read tie-ins to read.