Neil Gaiman Writing Episode Of Doctor Who For Season 7



Remember the Doctor Who Season 6 episode of “The Doctor’s Wife,” where the Tardis seemingly came alive and took human form?!

Seeing how it was probably the best episode of the 11th Doctor, how could you forget?

Well, the episode was written by Neil Gaiman, and Gaiman announced at the Hugo Awards, while accepting an award for “The Doctor’s Wife,” that he is writing another Doctor Who episode, this time for Season 7.

Neil Gaiman’s new Doctor Who episode is slated for the second half the of the season, Spring 2013, with the writer already on his third draft. In addition, as io9 notes, the episode may not see a release until Season 8 as “The Doctor’s Wife” was initially meant for Season 5, but due to budgetary concerns, it was held off until Season 6. So that most likely means Gaiman’s new episode will be another big budget blockbuster. 

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