More Deaths Coming From Marvel Comics



Seems all the success Marvel had with Fantastic Four #587 in January, the are not going to stop with the death of Johnny Storm.

If you haven’t done so, check out Amazing Spider-Man #654 for another. This one didn’t come with any hype and I’m actually lovin’ Dan Slott’s Amazing  right now – if you can believe it!

Anyway, Rich Johnston from Bleeding Cool is attending the Comics Pro meeting in Dallas. This is where the publishers and retailers get together to discuss the industry.

It was mentioned that Marvel is going to kill a character every quarter, and thought to be a joke.

However, that turns out to be true.

David Gabriel (Senior Vice President of Sales), who I have noticed has been appearing in a lot of Marvel press releases as of late, “announced that as a result of the Fantastic Four sales and media coverage, Marvel are going to kill a main character every quarter.”

And according to BC, Gabriel added that “this is not a joke.”

BC also updates us that Gabriel stressed, as we saw with the death of the Human Torch, that these deaths have meaning – it’s not just about killing the characters – but about what comes after.

Gabriel also mentioned, “that the new post-“Death of Spider-Man” storyline will result in the biggest media exposure Marvel’s ever had.” (Find out just why!)


If this means more polypagged issues to “hide” who dies and let the media reveal to everybody the night before, I’m going to pass.

Who is next? The Hulk?

Updated 12:27pm: One bright side to all these “deaths” may be the fact that the “B-listers” will be getting more of the spotlight! Of course, maybe the B-Listers are going to be the one’s facing semi-permanent cancellation.