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Michael Rosenbaum on filming Smallville finale

Michael Rosenbaum on filming Smallville finale


Zap2it caught up with Michael Rosenbaum at a Fox American Idol party and asked Lex Luthor his thoughts on returning to Smallville.

He said he “always wanted to make it work” but was busy with Adam F. Goldberg on other projects.

Rosenbaum then goes on to comment on fan’s reaction to his potential return -or not- and makes a few quibs.

“What is he doing that he can’t come back? George Clooney came back to ER, and he can’t? How big is he?” said Rosenbaum in a deep voice.

Rosenbaum then said he called the shows producers to make it happen.

He filmed the finale in Vancouver and had to wear a bald cap as he is currently on Breaking In and needs his hair. In a previous interview, Rosenbaum mentions it took four months to grow back.

Rosenbaum then explains that he did it all for the fans and that he didn’t expect to be on the show for 10 years, that he left for personal reasons.

“I want to do this. Let’s just do this.’ I want to do it the right way, I want to do it for the fans. I swear to God I did it for the fans. I never want to hear ‘Why didn’t you go back?’ I wanted it to end the way it should have,” stated Rosenbaum.

Filming the last scenes for Smallville brought a tear to the actor’s eye as he realized this was “finally it.” Rosenbaum informs us we are in for a very emotional ending and that he had a great time with fellow actor Tom Welling.

“Tom and I had a wonderful time together,” he tells us. “We laughed a lot. I shot a couple of scenes with him.”

“I shot for 19 hours, and honestly, I had a tear in my eye at the end. I was like, ‘Man, this is really it.”

Tune into Smallville Fridays on the CW at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central and don’t miss Michael Rosenbaum in Breaking In which premiers Wednesday April 6th at 9:30pm on Fox.