MegaCon 2011: Geoff Johns new Aquaman and working with Morrison?



The Megacon, in Orlando Fl, is being held this weekend and saw the announcement that Geoff Johns will be writing a new Acquaman, once Brightest Day is wrapped up.

Johns tweeted the following, confirming:

“Announced at Megacon: After BRIGHTEST DAY I’ll be moving over to a new book – AQUAMAN #1 coming later this year!!”

Reportedely, this is one of two new ongoings that Johns will soon be on.

“A Comic Blog” was at the DC Panel and tweeted the following:

“Geoff Johns on two new monthly series. One is…Aquaman!”

There has also been rumor of Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison working on a project together, with Comic Blog filling us in, which I think to be from Dan Didio, stating:

“Asked about a rumored project between Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns. Dan just said, “Yup.” Laughed & moved on”

Now, I have no idea what the project is (or even if DiDo was serious), but I think I’ve heard mention of a Jim Lee Justice League – with Johns and Morrison onboard – that would be something!

We know Tony Bedard, Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes are doing a “Flashpoint” version of Aquaman with Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman, three issues I believe. I suppose Johns could be doing the Aquaman ongoing at the same time; correct me if I am wrong, but the “Flashpoint” versions of their DC counterparts are not replacing the main titles (ala X-Men Age of Apocalypse).

Green Lantern, Flash and now Acquaman – Geoff Johns seems to be making his rounds. Any guesses as to who might be next?

UPDATED: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado are the artists.