McFarlane’s Cosmic Amazing Spider-Man #328 Grey Hulk Cover Sells For $657,250



Todd McFarlane’s original art for the 1990 issue of Amazing Spider-Man #328 recently sold at an auction for a whopping $657,250!

This sets a new American comic book art record, beating a Dark Knight splash page by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson ($448,125), for the most ever paid for a piece of comic book art.

The cover features Spider-Man taking on the Gray Hulk, and is an “Acts of Vengeance” crossover.

The issue is when Spider-Man has acquired the cosmic powers of Captain Universe — and punches the Gray Hulk into orbit!

Nice to know the “title” is held by a cosmic comic book.

Fun Fact: 300 issues later the Juggernaut would don the Captain Universe powers in the Amazing Spider-Man #’s 627-630!

(via ICV2)