Is Max Landis Writing The New Star Wars Episode VII Movie?



Max Landis will be making his directing debut with a new comedy called Me Him Her.

The movie is described by Variety as “‘Reality Bites’ on acid,” with it said that the film is a “quarter-life-crisis tale set in Los Angeles that features three young leads, at least one of whom is struggling with their sexuality.”

The article also goes on to mention something that was previously announced back in January of 2012, that Max Landis is on a top-secret project with Disney.

Looking back at the original article from 2012 is quite revealing as it states that Disney has picked up an untitled space adventure that was pitched by Landis.

We know from George Lucas that he met with screenwriters who pitched their versions of the next Star Wars movies.

The article also goes on to state – back in January of 2012 – that Disney is “looking to greenlight high-profile tentpoles that can prop up all of its businesses” and is “on the hunt for potential film franchises that can benefit all of the company’s divisions.”

Sure sounds like Star Wars.

So what was the pitch described as?

“Project revolves around the emotional journey of a brother and sister as they undertake an epic adventure.”

The only caveat I can think of would be that Disney accepted the pitch prior to the release of Chronicle, which really got people to notice Max Landis. Would Disney go with Landis prior to Chronicle on such a big franchise as Star Wars?

Worth a thought.

It might also be worth mentioning that George Lucas is a close friend of Max’s father, John Landis. Lucas offered John Landis the directorial gig on Howard The Duck, with Lucas also appearing in Landis’ Beverly Hills Cop 3.

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