Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Tops $700 Million; On Track For A Billion



Amidst all the heated negotiations that seem to be taking place somewhat behind closed doors regarding the return of Robert Downey Jr. for further Marvel Studios movies as well as the rest of The Avengers cast, more leverage might be had for the Assemblers by the fact that Iron Man 3 is on track to be another billion dollar blockbuster.

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The latest numbers for Iron Man 3 have the movie coming in with the second biggest opening ever, trailing The Avengers, with $174.1 million.

To date, Iron Man 3 has raked in over $711 million and is blowing Iron Man 2 out of the sky.

We get some numbers from BoxOfficeMojo that reports the foreign Iron Man 3 box office is at $525,800,000 with the U.S. domestic debut so far at $185,412,195.

Previous conservative estimates put the Iron Man 3 opening around the $150 million mark, but it seems the U.S. audience – like the rest of the world – have turned out in droves.

It’s noted that if the trend continues, and Iron Man 3 performs comparable to The Avengers – with over $500 million domestically – it would top the billion dollar mark.

For the record, The Avengers grossed $623,357,910 domestically and $888,400,000 internationally giving it a worldwide total of $1,511,757,910.

It’s also said that though the “twist” has gone unwelcome with a majority of the “fanboys,” general audiences were more than pleased with the film, giving it an “A” CinemaScore.

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