Take A Look Into The Future of Marvel! Avengers #5 Timeline


The Lastest MARVEL: T&A column with VP Executive Editor’s Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso is up over at our friends at CBR.

Among all the goodies they have shown off, including news of Chaos War: X-Men, beautiful Incredible Hulk preview pages from Paul Pelletier, preview pages from Fantastic Four and Shadowland, is a timeline chart from Avengers #5 featuring, “something of a master plan mapped out for the next few years,” according to Tom Brevoort.

I snipped the timeline, but you can head on over to CBR to view the complete image plus more from Avengers #5.

The chart begins with Siege on the left and appears to end at a big question mark with “Kang’s Forces” being the last entry.

Let’s take a look at what is between!

There are some familiar wordings as we see:

“Captain America: Reborn”

“Three” – in reference to Fantastic Four arc that begins with #583

“Man Without Fear” – Black Panther replacing Daredevil

“Chaos” – an obvious reference to Chaos War

“Five Lights” – the X-Men storyline after “Second Coming.”

I think that brings us up to what we know of the current Marvel Universe?

“Master of Kung Fu” – Reference to Shang-Chi. Secret Avengers #6 and Spider-Man titles?

Let’s take a gander into the future!

“Nova Antiquus” – Now if my Latin is up to speed, “antiquus” means ancient or old? Is this some reference to Richard Rider or Frankie Raye?

“Return of the King” – Black Bolt? Can’t make it out, but above looks like, “The ——- Of Revenge.”

“Academy Traitor” – Obviously Avengers Academy (which is excellent), but could it be reference to one of the teachers?

“Night Falls”

“Iron Lad Returns”  – teenage Kang

Something in regards to “Doom”


“Where’s Wanda” – Scarlet Witch

“Galactus Seed,”

“Fear Without Man,”

“What’s In The Rings?”

“Steve’s Vision” – from Reborn? The Martians?

“Yesterdays X-Men,”

“Ultron War” – the war between the Heroes and Ultron as referenced in the DVD, Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow (and current issues of Avengers)

“Scorched Earth’s”