Marvel Zombies Supreme: The REAL Jack is back!



The latest “Marvel Zombies” book to come munching our way is Marvel Zombies Supreme from writer Frank Marraffino and artist Fernando Blanco.

A scientist at Project Pegasus has combined the genetic material of the Squadron Supreme with human cadavers and zeta-rays, which has resulted in a new zombie plague!

That’s right — the “super” dead walk this side of the Marvel U.!

Each of the cadavers has the powers and memories of the original, combined with a most voracious appetite making them even more deadly. Off-panel we can safely assume they even managed to find the original costumes left behind by their Supreme counterparts!

A special-ops team has responded to the emergency shut-down of Pegasus and side by side the fifth “Bucky,” Battlestar, they attempt to fend of the invasion. However, as this version of supreme zombies was under lock-down, they went about finding new ways to continue feeding. Hyperion has escaped the Project where he encounters, what we can assume, is the Kansas Initiative team, The Harvesters! Nuke has also managed to escape where he has infected an entire town of people — it’s all in the name!

As the remaining members of the cloned Squadron Supreme attempt to digest whoever is left to unfortunately inhabit Pegasus (thankfully, Project Director Gru and Darkhawk must be off the premises), the uninfected search for something of use to battle the undead! Lucky for them, they happen to be under siege in one of the foremost energy research facilities in the world!



Similar to the Skrulls secret invasion of Pegasus back in Nova #17, the survivors discover an unknown energy source that may be of use. It doesn’t happen to be quantum-powered (but Quasar does make a cameo!), but it consists of zero-energy!

The Jack of Hearts is back!

As this story totally takes place in the regular Marvel Universe (616) — this is the REAL Jack!

This may have gone under the radar because of another appearance where we witness the demise of Jack, yet again, in Avengers: The Children’s Crusade or it could be mistaken that this takes place in the Squadron’s own alternate Universe, but make no mistake about it — this is OUR Jack.

MZS writer, Frank Marraffino, managed to stop by the Cosmic Book New Forums and state the following:

Hey folks –

Frank Marraffino here, writer of the current Marvel Zombies Supreme – which I can say does indeed take place in the Marvel 616. No parallel universes here. And that means that the real Jack of Hearts is definitely back!

That not-so-little detail may have been lost in the shuffle, but it was particularly important to editor Mark Paniccia that this series take place in the mainstream Marvel Universe so that the consequences of the story would be more meaningful – especially Jack’s return.

Does that info come too late to be more meaningful?

This is a whole new chapter in Marvel Zombies lore. Perhaps it will leave you hungry for more, or maybe it has the stench of the overly ripe undead about it. But it seems there’s one thing we can agree on: it’s good to have Jack back.

There ya have it!

The Jack of Hearts has assembled once more to defend Project Pegasus and the denizens of the Marvel Universe from the coming infestation of the Squadron Supreme! Tune in next month as the latest Marvel Zombies chapter concludes!

“Marvel Zombies Supreme #1-4” is currently available at your LCS; if you want to see some gorey super hero(!) action (Oh, no! Not the Kent’s!), not to mention the return of the Jack of Hearts, pick these up!

“Marvel Zombies Supreme #5” hits in June!


The Zombie Supreme have cracked the seal on their Project PEGASUS prison and are ready for dinner. Our heroes, with their new ally JACK OF HEARTS, would die to stop them, but not all the Squadron members will return to the grave. The goriest chapter of Marvel Zombies yet concludes, but the threat may still be on the loose…
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99