Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Loves Star Trek and Star Wars; Why Doesn’t Marvel Comics?


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1645:]]Spoilers below for The Avengers movie.

Like you haven’t seen it.

The Avengers movie goes cosmic! And in a big bleepin‘ way!

Not only do we see the alien Asgardians, Loki and Thor. 

Not only do we see the alien army of Loki, the Ultimate Skrulls, the Chitauri.

Not only do we see space.

Not only do we see Iron Man kicking arse in space.

But we see the mutha of all cosmic baddies — The Mad Titan Thanos!

We just learned the how’s and why’s of the inclusion of Thanos from director Joss Whedon, and now Marvel Studios President and Producer Kevin Feige mentions both Star Trek and Star Wars, two of the more famous “cosmic” movies of all time.

Slashfilm asks Feige if he is worried the movies are getting a little too sci-fi (shame on you, Slashfilm), to which Feige responds with the following, noting how much he loves space movies.

Well I mean look, I’ve always said that I love and would one day want to explore every aspect of the Marvel universe, with the street level heroes, the fantasy or cosmic with Thor, which really is a cosmic hero, period with Cap, magic some day with Social Supreme and some of those characters. But the Cosmic Universe is a big part of that and I love space movies and I love JJ’s STAR TREK and can’t believe there’s another STAR TREK film being filmed right now, which is awesome, and obviously STAR WARS. So I certainly like the notion of exploring some of that. That will probably not be in another IRON MAN movie, because it doesn’t make much sense. That will not be in another CAPTAIN movie. THOR does inhabit a certain part of that world and there are other characters and other properties that we’ve talked a little bit about, but have announced anything yet that will really bare fruit in that arena.

With that, Kevin Feige is asked if that means the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, to which he responds in part, “That’s where a lot of that will really come to fruition…”

Well, I for one am glad that someone at Marvel likes the space stuff.

Marvel Comics recently canceled their cosmic line of titles, one of which was — Guardians of the Galaxy. A title that they really didn’t promote much or involve in their more popular line of comics (or events) – including The Avengers – and recently their other cosmic title, Nova, has seemingly been replaced with a character more reminiscent of Peter Parker (yes, Spider-Man).

Actually, to get your Guardians of the Galaxy/cosmic fill from Marvel you have to look to the movies or TV – with The Avengers movie and Disney XD’s Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – not the comics.

However, while the comic book division of Marvel did technically place Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova on “hiatus,” it looks as if soon to be former Avengers comic scribe, Brian Michael Bendismay be taking over the cosmic line — even though he has basically no cosmic writing experience.

Just in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, eh, guys?

Not sure how that will work out as I seem to recall Rocket Racoon likes to shoot his way out of a fight — not talk.

And Bendis just took on the street-level “hero” Moon Knight which lasted all of 12 issues.

Good cosmic times ahead, I’m sure.

I bet Bob Iger would like a cake.