Marvel Rumored To Boot Avi Arad From Spider-Man



Recent Sony hack attacks have revealed details regarding Spider-Man possibly joining the Marvel Studios universe as talks are (or were) underway for Spider-Man to appear in Captain America: Civil War.

According to leaked e-mails, Marvel wants a new Spider-Man (meaning Andrew Garfield is out) and a new costume.

Now a new rumor has hit the net from the website Screen Gonzo which states Marvel doesn’t want producer Avi Arad involved with their Spider-Man.

Avi Arad is actually the founder of Marvel Studios who eventually resigned from Marvel in 2006 to start his own production company.

Arad produced the first Iron Man and the Hulk movies for Marvel, X-Men and Fantastic Four movies at Fox, and the Spider-Man movies for Sony.

According to the rumor, a meeting is to take place in January (leaked e-mails revealed an upcoming Sony Spider-Man summit) between Sony’s Amy Pascal and Marvel’s Kevin Feige about Spider-Man.

The report says Marvel would include a Spider-Man post-credit scene in Captain America: Civil War, and the Russo Bros. would go on to write and direct a new Spider-Man trilogy.

It’s further said Kevin Feige is happy with the direction talks have been going with Sony, but Feige is adamant about now having Arad involved, and Marvel is backing him on this. It’s stated there is contention regarding Sony and Marvel over Arad as Amy Pascal and other executives feel Arad has been an integral part of Spider-Man (my note: which is probably why Feige wants him gone).

Interestingly enough, comments recently made by a composer on the first Amazing Spider-Man, blamed the movies producers (i.e. Arad) for the movies being so bad with mention the producers didn’t even want director Marc Webb’s input.